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Lifestyle business gives you freedom. HOW?

Lifestyle business gives you freedom to live your desired lifestyle, being who you truly are and monetizing your knowledge, skills, talents, passion and expertise.

If your desired lifestyle is travelling and exploring the world, while doing business and earning a good living and more, no worries at all – we will teach you how to choose your business area, develop a scalable business model and products pipeline that allows you to combine business and travel – having the ability to work from anywhere and earn as much as you aim for and more. Especially, if you feel tired from all that corporate and admin machine.

If your desired lifestyle fits the corporate job lifestyle, but you have reached the ceiling of income that your corporate role allows, no worries – you can develop your lifestyle business around that – keep your corporate role and learn how to productize and monetize your knowledge, skills and expertise in parallel to that. So, you can keep your corporate job and have the earnings that you desire.

If your desired lifestyle is to have more time to spend with the kids and family and do the job that you love, no worries at all. We will teach you how to scale your business online so that additionally to your hands on craft or projects, you will have additional recurring revenues generated productising your skills, knowledge and expertise in online products and services that sell 24/7. And you will have more time to enjoy with your kids and family.

Maybe your desired lifestyle business is a combination of part time corporate work, freelancing and consulting or crafting some goods, balancing a corporate environment flavour with home business environment.

Whatever your desired lifestyle is that you would enjoy having – it all starts with self awareness and clarity of what exactly it is that you want and learning what lifestyle business development strategies and tactics you need to apply.

Come and join us on this exciting journey! Click here to join and discover how:


What personal branding is not about

Some people perceive personal brand development as pure self promotion. That is so wrong!

Personal branding consists of 2 major parts – brand development for clarity and brand value communication to a   target audience whom you deliver value to. There are 5 milestones in the approach that I have developed for this empowerment:

1. VALUE. It all starts with clarity about your value, which is based on your talents – things you are great at while doing what you are passionate about – what you truly care about in your professional area, your own values and ethics, the way  you are different from many other people who deliver a similar value and of course – your purpose, mission and your bigger vision: your WHY you do what you do, how do you create legacy with talents that are given to you and what is the bigger aim that you are aiming to achieve.

2. TRIBE. When you have this clarity on your core things, your band, your true value, then what’s important is – to whom do you deliver value to. You cannot  sit on a mountain of value and do nothing about it. It is given to you to share it forward. So, the next step in personal branding is – who is your audience, client, customer avatar, employer – whatever you call it or whoever it is – whom can you help with your value and how would they most benefit from having this experience with you.

3. MESSAGE. Next step – your purpose is to choose the right communication channels and share with people whom you can help – how “your best” can help “them be their best”. How  are you able to deliver value for them. When you shift the focus from yourself to whom  you are serving with your value, it does not feel like self promotion or sales, it is a  must, to share your message and tell your story on how you can help and your thought leadership – your insights, opinions, ways of working. Otherwise – how would your people know you can help them in your authentic way?

4. INFLUENCE. In todays business environment you set your goals impactfully to achieve them automagically and deliver your pitch, your message, your thought leadership content and work in partnerships with others so that you can serve people together. Therefore your impact as the person of expertise or influence in a particular niche and for particular people is what matters.

5. VISIBILITY. And last but not least – yes, we do live in a digital and social media era. When you have clarity of what is the value that can be applied to serve and help others in a humble but impactful and personally excellent way, then social media strategies are a must for you to be heard, known and seen by your people whom you can help with your products or services. It’s a must for you to share your thought leadership and insights to help others learn and grow.

If you start your personal branding with a pure focus only on self promotion, but you do not have clarity of what are your talents and passion that you can apply to serve others, and how other people can benefit from  your delivered value, then it will feel like  pure self promotion or cold sales. And that is wrong.

Personal branding is about – how to sell without  having to sell. To people whom you can best serve or deliver value in your authentic way that you are personally excellent and passionate about delivering.  It comes from being personally excellent in your authentic way.  Its about how you care  and serve your customers and partners by applying your natural talents and passion  your way.  It’s about being the true you and not trying to be someone else.

Personal brand development comes together with humble confidence and belief in your value and how  you best share it with people who need it most.  The more value you deliver, the stronger is your brand.

Raise your profile to be the best you

I’m Inga Ezera, your personal brand development partner. I’m passionate about empowering people like you to be a better version of yourself and succeed by being your true you. Its all – through your personal brand development for clarity and personal branding strategies for raising your profile in front of your ideal audience.

How do you expect other people to know your greatness if you do not raise your profile? If you just keep it to yourself, you limit the opportunities for you and others. For you – to do more of what excites you and what you are truly passionate about, for others – to get inspired by your passion and benefit from you sharing your knowledge and expertise.

If you are either an entrepreneur, a business leader or a professional, raising your profile is a must now. It’s not so much for self promotion purposes, but rather for sharing your vision, purpose, knowledge and expertise, so that people get to know what you are truly great at and can come to you for your core expertise and passion to share it.

It is more for taking charge of and creating opportunities in your life to do more of what you are excited about and deliver value for others in a way that you love doing it.

If you are not clear about – what is your authentic way of delivering value, there is a really great self-help tool that I have created for you – The Success Planner book, you can order it on

If you do have clarity, but are on the edge of – not being sure why you need to raise your profile, here is why:

  • For entrepreneurs: you get more clients that are your ideal clients, that know, like, and trust you are the one they need and will find you themselves. You can focus on doing the job that you love, not on running after clients and selling your services to them.
  • For business leaders: you attract your ideal employees as people work for people they resonate with. It’s easier for you to work on business development as you are known in the industry for what and how you do things, and you can better impact and influence decision making for the business and your business stakeholders.
  • For professionals: you can stop doing the boring job and receive more opportunities to do the job that you are excited and passionate about, that has more meaning. We all live just once. If you are well paid now, but not really enjoying what you do, I’ll tell you this – you can get the same or better paid job that you truly enjoy. Just raise your profile in the right way to the right audience.

Here are my top tips for raising your profile:

1. Develop absolute clarity on your personal brand – your talents that you want to apply, your passion, values, your WOW effect, purpose, mission and vision for your life and then compile it into a short and snappy elevator pitch – into a short but impactful introduction, that conveys the message – of who you are, what you do and whom and how you can help. There is a best in you, you just need to be clear yourself – on what it is and bring it up. As an example, I can do many things in business, like I can recruit the best talent from the market, I can implement performance management programs etc, but what I truly and absolutely like best is – helping you to be the best version of yourself, be congruent and enjoy being truthful to yourself and others, raise your profile in accordance to that and enjoy what you do. I am great at inspiring you to think about it, empowering you to take action, equipping you with tools and strategies to do it and challenging you to, just do it!

2. For that, you need to define clearly who is your audience – your customer, employer, stakeholders – for whom exactly you are delivering value and what transformation you help them with. I advise you to be very specific about – who is it that you serve, help, deliver value, as then you can communicate and raise your profile where and in the way that they will see, notice and appreciate. As an example, my audience is people like you – entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals and corporates who care about their people and want to do something disruptive, innovative and truly empowering for their people.

3. Social media content strategy – you can raise your profile either in 1-to-1 communications, networking – by connecting to 5-10 people per event, or – you can massively raise your profile through  thoughtful and purposeful social media content strategy. Your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly communications, will ensure that your ideal audience will get to better know what you are all about, and how you can serve them and deliver value.  Also, what your values and work ethics are and what results you can deliver. As an example: I am  crystal clear on my top 3 messages for social media communication and I have a clearly defined social media content plan that is congruent with what I am aiming to achieve. You might have regularly seen my posts, videos, blogs and articles to inspire, and empower you to take action.

I hope this is helpful – inspirational, educational and practical. Now – its your time to take action.

Let me know if you have any questions and how you are progressing. I’d love to hear about your journey.

I’m Inga Ezera, your personal brand development partner. I’m passionate about empowering people like you to be a better version of yourself and succeed by being your true you. Follow my business page on Facebook for more inspiration and empowerment for practical action: Inga Ezera Personal Branding

Not sure what your goals should be? Read this…

This is a message to those who don’t know what their goals should be.  For those who want to achieve something, but not sure what and therefore they don’t. Does this sound like you? Tune in then! If you want to achieve something but are not sure what it should be for next year, or you keep being stressed because everyone now talks about setting goals for the next year and will start achieving them, but you have done it year after  year and not much has changed. Does this sound like you?

You know what? First of all, sometimes it is ok not to have goals for a period of time and just enjoy the flow of life. That could be your goals if it suits you. I had this situation a few years ago – actually – about 8-9 years ago. I usually need a plan, something aspirational to aim for, to go for it and to achieve. But there was a period in my life when I was not sure anymore what I wanted to achieve next professionally. I had a great role in my corporate job – HR Director and member of leadership board in the biggest and most successful company in the industry, there was really no way to go higher. I had a good life and friends. Everything was sort of ok. But I felt stressed. Totally stressed. As I could not set my goals for the next year. I was not sure what I wanted. It is a stressful situation for someone like me, who likes planning, setting goals, and aiming for something bigger.

It was so stressful that I eventually went to a couple of doctors for help. I went to a GP and said I need some medicine against stress. I’m stressed for not being able to set goals. He looked at me funny and prescribed some nerve calming tea. That did not help. I went to a homeopath – I thought maybe a non-traditional medicine could help. And she said, after having listened to my story – “it’s ok not to have goals for a period of time, it’s meant for enjoying the flow of life. Do not set fake goals just for setting them as you will be more stressed by not achieving them. You do not achieve goals which are not truly yours.”

And you know what – it  is true. It is better not to set goals than to set ones that are not yours. As you  struggle to achieve them and if you do  – you will not be happy at the end. So – I took her prescribed anti-stress medicine and advice to enjoy the flow of life for a moment until the clarity will come to me on what I wanted to achieve.

Yes, it is true – do not set goals that are not truly yours as it is dangerous. Dangerous from the  perspective of – you will be disappointed for not achieving them. If you are not 100% in to achieve them, you will not. And your subconscious mind blocks you from going 100%  into something that you are not passionate about and do not feel like achieving these goals will be a great gain and pleasure for you to achieve or by not achieving, it will be a great pain or loss. This is one of the reasons New Year resolutions don’t work or why you have not achieved the goals you set – they are not truly your goals, that you truly want to achieve , based on your personality, passion, purpose and higher vision of your life. Maybe they are goals that are forced onto you by society, by your spouse, family, friends or by you not knowing yourself really well.

A  couple of things you can do – increase self awareness through the journey of your personal brand development – exploring what are your talents, values, purpose etc and then setting goals in congruence with yourself. A great tool that can help is – The Success Planner Book. I have developed it exactly for this purpose – go check it out, get one for yourself and for your mate and ensure you set your goals in congruence with who you truly are.

The other thing you can do is – think about people whom you can help with your goals and mission. A great way to do this is – reflect upon your life story – the challenges you have overcome either in your professional or personal life, how did you overcome them, how did it make you a better person and what you can pay forward and teach others. I find this as a really strong cause and solid ground for goals setting – how can I best help other people, inspire them to achieve, overcome difficulties, succeed in their life, career or business. And through that reflection you might discover your cause, your calling and obtain clarity on what your goals should be for the next year.  It could be something you have struggled with in the long past and that has made you the person you are today, that might be something that was your challenge recently – it does not matter. The important thing is – if you had such a challenge, there might be other people who have similar  challenges and would benefit from learning from you.  This is your reason to live to help them grow.

There are a lot of examples that people develop their businesses successfully because of this, or people develop their careers successfully because of this approach. I encourage you to reflect today – what has been a challenge you have struggled with, resolved, what is your story and with whom and how  can you help to resolve a similar challenge.

As an example – a few years ago I struggled with raising my profile and being impactful in the corporate business I was in. I could not understand what is the issue as I have been really successful within the same company previously and with quite a few other companies in the market. When I explored, what is the issue, I understood, that the job I had to focus on at the time did not play to my greatest talents and to my passion. Part of the job did, but 50% of the time I had to work with and focus on issues that were not appealing to me. Of course, I could do the job as I knew how, but not being passionate about the content and not being able to really invest my best talents into achieving the outcomes, did not bring in me the greatest energy, self belief, confidence and impact to achieve results.

Now – one of my focus areas as an entrepreneur is helping organizations to empower their leaders, professionals and talents to be their best, to have clarity for themselves on how they can best contribute and have  courage to aim for and focus on how they can best deliver value – in a way that is true to and in congruence to themselves and brings value to the organization and customers. So many times I have seen the wrongdoing in organizations when people have been placed in the roles that are not congruent to who they are or are aspiring to be. And they lose focus, confidence, self belief and energy. Through my workshops and online programs I help people have clarity, self belief, confidence, impact and influence and raise their profile to be the best version of themselves – for themselves and for people they can best help.

I encourage you to revisit – whom is it that you can help and chose one of your goals related to that. If it brings value to the organization or your business – even better! But keep in mind,  revenue comes afterwards – first – whom and how you can help. Enjoy succeeding.

5 Fear Factors and how to deal with them to succeed

Have you ever thought – I could have changed my job.. Or – I could have started my own business… Or – I could have followed my dream and done something I’m really passionate about, but… if only I did not have this fear.

Fear of… Insecurity. Not succeeding. Not making it. Being laughed at. Being misunderstoood or rejected. Failure. Success. This massive inner fear.

I bet you have thought about it. And wondered how to deal with it. But there is still something stopping you from taking that important action towards making that change in your life and following your passion or dream.

How do you  get rid of that fear? Let me tell you the truth – you never will. Everyone has this fear. Just get on with it. But what you can do is – develop  strategies to deal with it.

As an example, lets take the most common fear factors and unlock them one by one.

1. What if I will not succeed?

  • Know your reason WHY you badly want to – always start with your WHY, this will keep your passion and energy high! And even if you  fail along your success journey (and everyone does from time to time), this will help you get up and keep going.
  • Develop a clear and impactful plan to succeed – you do need a plan!
  • Implement thoroughly the actions from your plan. And you will succeed. Guaranteed.

2. How to manage through change?

  • Find your best support buddy. What I have noticed lately in my personal branding for entrepreneurs workshops – my clients come to workshops in couples with their significant other or friend. It is much easier to manage change if you have someone close whom you trust and who could support you when the times get uncertain.
  • Go through change with  clarity in mind – why you are doing it and what is your final destination.
  • Learn and test different approaches and behaviours to your traditional ones – it will help to strengthen your flexibility muscle.
  • Develop your personal brand which will navigate you through the change. Confidently. Elegantly.

3. What if others will laugh or misunderstand?

  • Only the arrogant will laugh or pull back a person who has high aspirations and aims to achieve their dream. If you have someone like that in your network – leave them out.
  • Share your goals and aspirations only with people whom you know will support you. And when you have reached your dream – share with the rest, to inspire that its possible, but not to impress.
  • Have clarity on your WHY and other people’s opinions for you will be like water for a duck – it does not soak into the feather, it runs away.

4. What if I will have good days and bad days?

  • You will definitely have good days and bad days. Collect the strengths from good days so you can use them in your bad days.
  • Find what works for you to manage the change. We can all develop our coping strategies that works just for us. As an example, if I am having a bad day, I choose to do something very simple and basic, but I still keep progressing.
  • Learn from the best and most successful in your industry – how do they manage though.

5. What if I will get lost and not know what to do?

  • Choose coaches and trainers whom you can learn from, who have progressed further in your aspired field and are happy to share their tactics.
  • Choose likeminded groups to have a chat and check in – a great source is Facebook groups where you can connect with likeminded people and who are on the same journey from the whole world. Feel free to join my Facebook group on Personal brand development to succeed by clicking here:
  • Always keep your aim, your WHY and you vision in mind and you will find the way.

In conclusion: start with your WHY and have it always in your mind very clearly. This  will help to eliminate and deal with that bugging fear factor and keep you going to reach your aspirations!

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Life is hard, but you just don’t quit…

Nobody told you it will be easy, said one of my friends. I wish they would have… Well, at least – easIER.

A couple  of days ago I received a shocking message from a close and dear friend of mine. I felt like I became broken into thousands of pieces and have to find a way to lift them up and put the pieces back together again. It’s not easy. But I am determined to manage it.

Life, relationships or even a business is never just upwards and onwards. It’s a rollercoaster. It’s like an Italian serpentine – up and down, right and left, fast and slow. But great things actually happen when you are down. You suddenly notice, who are your true friends and supporters. Who are the people whom you can rely on or who are ready to even act silly to brighten up your day or mood.

I was searching for answers and ways to deal with smashingly hard times, to find something to be grateful for in this tough period of life. Even in the hardest days you can find something to be grateful for, they say. And – when you search, you discover. I discovered the life story of Mariska Hargitay, the actress that is known in UK currently as a leading figure in one of a detective serials (I can’t deny – I watch mostly detective serials, if any).

She has said: “Life is hard, but you just don’t quit. Don’t let fear get the best of you. It only holds you back from possibilities and greatness. You’ve got to kick fear to the side, because the payoff is huge. I don’t focus on what I can’t control. If I can’t control it, let’s move on. I think that we have all been swallowed up in ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda’. You figure it out and you walk tall and go through it. Some days it’s chicken, and some days it’s feathers.”

A couple of weeks ago somebody said to me: “Its easy for you – you have a good life, you do not understand struggles”. Well… let me tell you… Everyone has struggles. Some harder, some lighter, some longer, some shorter, but everyone has their hard days at times. There are no exceptions. NONE. I struggle too. Massively sometimes. Especially the last 18 months of my life have been particularly personally and totally hard. Impossible sometimes. Hopeless at times. But the most important thing is – what is your take from the hardship times, how do you find the ways to pick yourself up and pull yourself together again? And consider this, what are you learning from these very tough days.  There is always something to learn. And there is always something to be grateful for in your life.

Currently, my Top 5 in hard times are:

  1. Search for and find ways to pull yourself together again (It’s hard, I know, but it’s worth it!)
  2. Watch out for people who have got your back, there is always someone whom you can trust
  3. Don’t focus on what you can’t control, if you can’t control it – move on
  4. Share your journey and learning with others, there is always someone whom you can inspire and help
  5. Be aware that: “Some days it’s chicken, and some days it’s feathers.” It just is like that. Period.

And after the hard times have passed away – see if there is any adventurous opportunity from that. You’ve got to turn hardships into learning and opportunities, there is always a way! As Kristina Kuzmic says in one of her latest videos: “You can pick up the destroyed pieces of your life and still create something beautiful out of them”.

No matter how hopeless things might seem at times, just don’t give up. There is always a way!

Is it time?

You already have thought to yourself,  it’s about a time to get a promotion, haven’t you?

Or you have already said to yourself,  that it’s about time to receive an offer to a new aspired job that you would much more enjoy doing, haven’t you?

And you have been wondering, why others are getting those promotions or new job offers but not you, haven’t you? Well, if this is you, then, I’ve got something for you! It’s Career Success Formula that will help you get your dream job elegantly and confidently.

It can be tricky to obtain the clarity – what to do and how to get to that desired career destination.

Without clarity to what is the Career Success Formula you need to follow you will have no chance in the world of career success!

You may keep wondering why your desired job is  given to somebody else. Or why you keep running after  job ads with no success in getting those  jobs.

When you follow the Career Success Formula, its actually much easier to get what you want out of your career progress. By investing a bit of effort and thought process to follow the Career Success Formula, you will be amazed how the new job opportunities come to you instead of you running after the job ads.

The Career Success Formula consists of 5 impactful steps to follow:

  • Develop your Personal Brand to stand out
  • Get crystal clear clarity on your offering and credibility
  • Grow your Confidence on to how you deliver value
  • Set Your goals impactfully to achieve them automagically
  • Share your message to the right audience and enjoy the job offers!

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