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Leadership starts from within. It starts with your own leadership mindset. Leadership mindset is seeing opportunities, taking ownership of solutions and inspiring yourself and people around you to take action towards achieving aspirable goals that lead to accomplishing purpose and striving towards vision. Leadership mindset initiates your thinking habits, your beliefs and your ability to take accountability for solutions and actions.

You can only motivate, guide, inspire and influence others to accomplish something if you can influence yourself to accomplish what is meaningful for you and people around you. If you can motivate, inspire, and persuade yourself to do something inspirational and meaningful day in, and day out. , then you can do the same for others.

To do that, you need a Leadership Mindset, which  is built by:

1. Strong Self Awareness

Awareness of your values, talents, strengths and weaknesses.  Awareness of your passion.  Listening to your heart and what is important to you. Taking time to think and reflect. Be crystal clear on what is meaningful for you and what you want in life.

2. Vision and different perspective to strive for it

Vision is the ability to see things as they could be instead of as they are now. Every product, every  business, every scientific discovery that exists today was at some time in history “impossible.” It took someone with a different perspective to see, believe and create it. Leadership mindset is encouraged by innovation and a different perspective.

3. Passion, inspiration and commitment

Passion is the force which turns ideas into action, and dreams into reality. With your enthusiasm, passion and commitment you thrive to achieve your vision. What ideas inspire you? What are you doing to implement them? How excited are you by doing it? How do you keep your commitment and energy levels high to achieve results? How do you engage people around you to contribute and drive it forward?

4. Courage to take risks

Some people have great aspirations, but a fear of being wrong stops them from taking action and committing to achieve the expected outcomes, so they don’t act on their ideas. Having great aspirations is not enough. You must take risks to succeed. Have a courage to admit your mistakes and learn from them. Learn to improve constantly. Make clear decisions on improvement and take further action.

5. Measure results and go beyond

Take time to reflect – How is this working? How am I doing? What have I learned? How have I inspired and enthused others for leadership mindset? How have I communicated clearly to engage people around me? It starts with the leadership from within, but it should go beyond that as well. It should go beyond your mindset and inspire others for developing leadership mindset.  You want to enthuse and make people passionate to live an even more inspirational and fulfilled life and to share it forward.

In conclusion – there are many different definitions of leadership. I am confident that leadership starts from within – with your leadership mindset.


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