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Inspire Reaching For STARs

We all have a dream when we join a company or accept a new role. As employees we want to contribute to achieve the company’s success, perform with excellence, feel recognized, develop our capabilities and our careers. We want to reach the stars, whatever the stars mean for each of us; and for each of us it is different.

How do we, as leaders, inspire our people to achieve their dream, to reach their stars and to contribute to the company’s performance and strategy execution? – it is a million dollar question.   If we were all doing this with excellence – our companies would constantly achieve top results in the market.

I have developed and successfully implemented for businesses the STAR model to better connect with peoples’ aspirations and for leaders to better understand how to inspire their people. The STAR model is very simple and easy to apply, and very impactful. When you connect to peoples’ hearts, minds and aspirations, you can radiate an inspiration from them with true passion.

Here is a short summary of the STAR model and questions to ask in each stage:

S – Start. Why did they join the company. What are their aspirations?

T – Target. What are they aiming to achieve? How can we channel it? Do we have the right resources to achieve the strategy?

A – Action. What should they do to achieve the goal? What appeals most to them? How can we be supportive?

R – Results. How are they progressing? How are they achieving the results? What else is needed for their inspiration, development and retention?

Keep connecting with your people and inspiring them to reach for STARs!


Love Problems And Innovate Solutions

Recently I attended an entrepreneur’s mindset event that refreshed my thinking of stepping out of comfort zone and adding value by innovating solutions.

It was organized and facilitated by The Wealth Dragons in London. My key take away thought for inspiration of this event among many others is:

“Love problems and innovate solutions to add value”

Great entrepreneurs are problem solvers. The bigger the problem you can solve, the bigger the reward, recognition and appreciation you will receive. People with entrepreneur’s mindset love problems. Problems give them opportunity to challenge and stretch themselves to find solutions. And if you do not know – how to solve the problem, go and find the know-how to solve the problem. Learn it, create it, outsource it. Just do it.

Constantly look for solving problems, adding value and changing lives for better. And you will instantly succeed. A difference between success and failure often is the speed of implementation. People with entrepreneur’s mindset do whatever it takes to take an action towards solution. They are not stopped or scared to just go and do it and possibly make some mistakes on the way to progress. We are going to make mistakes and learn from them to succeed.

Thomas Edison might have had over 10,000 attempts to get to the light bulb success. What would happen if he had given up at 9,999? Success is when preparation and persistence meets opportunity.

Action is the only way to success. Can you learn how to swim just by reading a book? And even if you buy a book and put it on the shelf, it’s not self development, it’s a shelf development. Sometimes you need to jump out of the plain to make an action. Because when you jump, you can not get back to the plain. You need to fly.

Everybody has 24 hours a day, the difference is how we use these 24 hours. My advice is: use them wisely – look out for problems, innovate solutions, take an action and add value to people’s lives.