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How to Set Your Goals Impactfully to Achieve Them Automagically

My call for thoughtfulness and action today is about goal setting and achieving them. How to set your goals impactfully in a way that you can achieve them automagically.

University of Scranton research suggests, that only 8% of people achieve their goals. Why? There are a number of reasons, but most common are the following three:

1. Creating vague goals

I often say – “what gets measured, gets done”.  If you set goals that are too general, like “I want to lose weight”, then it is difficult for you to achieve them. How much do you want to lose? By which time frame? How are you going to achieve this? How will you reward yourself for success?

There is a recent example of a friend who set a vague goal which resulted in an unexpected outcome. She was in a dating relationship with her boyfriend and wanted to have a family. She wrote down in her goals: “By next year in September, there will be 3 of us together.” What she meant was – her partner, herself and their child. What happened next year by September was something different- her partner introduced her to his gay friend…

2. Lacking higher purpose, which leads to lack of focus

You can set goals in any area, but if you do not have a higher purpose as to why achieving this goal is important to you, it is easy to give up when it becomes a bit more difficult.

It happened with me when I first started to write my book two years ago. I did not have this sense of purpose that I have now and I had not unlocked clearly my passion. Since I have completed it last year, my book is in print now!

3. Not knowing what you really want

Mark Twain once said that he could teach anyone how to achieve what they want, but his challenge was – he could not find anyone who would know what they want. In my coaching experience I see that there are many people who do not know what they want to achieve. They often know what they do not want and that is where their focus and energy goes.

I usually set my goals every year and mostly achieve them. There came a period of time a few years ago when I felt a bit confused. I had achieved everything I planned for and I did not have any more goals to set. Nothing came to mind. Nothing felt like – yes, I want to achieve that!  As I am a high achiever by nature, I started to feel really low, as I need targets to achieve constantly.

What is the solution?

I spoke with one of my friends about this issue, and she laughed – “Relax, I never set goals and I don’t achieve much. There are many people who do not know what they want. Be chilled about it!”

“It’s not helpful, is it?”, I thought.

I asked my coach: “What should I do?” My coach helped me by asking really good questions, such as: “What is your passion?”, “What is your overall purpose in life, what do you want to achieve?”, “What have you already achieved and what talents did you apply to achieve them?”, “What’s missing?”

I travelled a journey of unlocking my passion and my purpose. My passion is helping people to succeed. I accomplish this via coaching, inspirational speaking, and leading by example by being an empowering and inspirational leader.

I have expanded my goals more since having more clarity of my passion and purpose, and I am achieving them automagically. As an example – I had said that I will give  at least two inspirational speeches in big international conferences this year. And by setting these goals in the right way, the opportunities presented themselves, magically. As a result, I have done two speeches already and was recently invited as a speaker in the upcoming world congress in Paris.

Paul Meyer has said: “If you are not achieving the success you desire, it’s because your objectives are not clearly defined.” He guides to the SMART principle of setting your goals. It is setting your goals, to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

There are plenty of approaches for goal setting, but most common or popular are the following three:

  • New Year’s Resolutions– you set them at the beginning of a new year and mostly don’t achieve them, as they are too vague. You keep setting and not achieving them year after year.
  • The Wheel of Life– you set your goals in 8 areas of your life to be complete. Sometimes it is too much for people – they achieve some and do not achieve others. This is not very motivational, is it?
  • SMART principle– it is most popular in organizations. But people do not always achieve all of these goals as they do not feel passionate about all of them.

Having reviewed what works and what does not, I have developed The Success Planner™ goal setting approach, which integrates Passion & Purpose with SMART principle. In a nutshell it is this: focus on your strength and passion, define your purpose, be SMART and watch out for success!

I developed this principle after I have gone through some low moments in my life and that has helped me to get back on the track of success. That has also been useful for many of my coaching clients.

In conclusion: there are a number of reasons why people do not set or achieve their goals. Having travelled my own journey of resolving challenges with goal setting has led me to develop the “How to set your goals impactfully to achieve them automagically” approach. To help more people achieve their goals, I have written a book called “The Success Planner ™”. This book contains impactful tools and valuable strategies to help you to unlock your passion, achieve your goals and reach ultimate success.


Why Passion Matters?

Why passion matters, you might ask. As passion comes from believing you are extraordinarily great at something, being passionate is a sincere way of saying, “by the way, I’m awesome”.  All of our emotions exist for good reason. We feel hunger to ensure we don’t starve. We feel full to ensure we don’t burst. And we feel passion to ensure we concentrate our efforts on things that energize and reward us the most.

Your passion will persuade people to listen to you and follow you. It will persuade people to believe in you. But most importantly, passion will persuade YOU! Passion is an emotion specifically intended to make you go mad and work your behind off at something because your brain believes it is highly valuable and could rock your world. Believe me, that is a feeling worth fighting for.

What we’re passionate about is too important to leave to the mercy of fate. If you haven’t found your passion yet, try to create new things, to lead new trends, and to fuse new combinations. But don’t ever stop looking. In my new book called “The Success Planner” I have collated the questions to help you think through and travel on a journey of discovering your passion if you have not yet done so. It is best to start with unlocking your talents, followed by finding your passion and values.

Make your passion your fuel, not your final destination. Whatever you do, be true to yourself and what is meaningful for you. As an example, using the passion discovery tool that I have described in “The Success Planner”, I have discovered that my passion is helping people to succeed. I gain huge energy, inspiration and satisfaction while noticing how my coaching clients become more inspired, focused, self-aware and successful.

Since my early childhood I have loved observing people and thinking about what they could have done differently to be more engaging or more successful in their relationships. Since I have discovered and now am clear of what I am passionate about in my life, which is – inspiring people, developing their success mindset and empowering people to focus on their passion to succeed in life and business, I am finding more and more opportunities in both everyday life and corporate work to focus on this area. This is highly rewarding and gratifying for me.  And this is why passion really matters!

5 Insights How To Get From Dreams To Reality

In a sunny Saturday morning instead of sleeping in or going for Christmas shopping, I decided to attend a developmental event, the seminar on shaping the mindset to focus on what matters in your life and how to more efficiently achieve the desired outcomes. The title of the seminar was a little bit over promising: “The 7 Keys To Unleashing Your Genius”, but as in an any seminar, there were some valuable takeaway insights that I want to share with you. They are facilitating to shape the mindset on how to get from dreams to successful and real outcomes. Here are my 5 key insights:

1. Tension is energy. We need to use the tension to get to the desired results. Geniuses use tension to achieve the incredible. The outcome depends on your motivation and how do you channel it to use the tension. Use it to apply your talents and to live your passion! We are where we are today because that is the level of tension we can deal with. Your ability to be with tension determines your level of mastery. Tension is energy, and energy is a vibration. To be the best you can be, you shall constantly work on increasing your energy levels, your vibration.

2. Cause and Effect law. You are 100% responsible for every outcome in your life. Or in another words said by Tony Robbins: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Even if you are a victim in certain situation or you constantly get the second best recognition, not the first – that is caused by your thoughts, assumptions, beliefs that you have created in different events of your life journey. If you want to have a different outcome, you have to change the cause of your outcomes – your thoughts, assumptions, believes. A good coach can help with that.

3. Your focus creates your reality. You are always 100% focused, but the question is – on what? A person will definitely achieve what he or she is focused on, it will happen sooner or later – depending of the strength of focus and cause/effect law. That is proven. Therefore be conscious what you are focusing on most of your time. Are they the right things that you want the result in? Do you need to remind yourself to change your focus? How do you choose where to focus on?

4. Perception creates the physical impact. When you meet a person first time, your perception about them creates your behaviour towards them that causes their reaction to your perception and behaviour. We did a little exercise in the room – imagining the person in front of us being either a good, bad, trustworthy, genius, loser, friendly, smart etc person. Every time when we changed the perception of the other person, our body language changed and the impact on the other person changed as well. The good news are – you can influence that by conscious choice of perception. You are creating perception in your life and you make decisions based on your created perception. You can influence your perception that will lead to desired events or outcomes.

5. Discover your True Talents and create natural success by focusing on your True Vision. When you follow your purpose, what’ s true vision for you, the doors will open for opportunities and even such doors will open that you did not know that they exist. If you do not know what to do, just stand it, do not take action until your intuition will tell you which way to go. Intuition can tell it, when you have discovered your true talents that you can use and you have your true vision to focus on. Then intuition will help to generate natural success for you. All what you want to achieve or get is already out there for you. As A. Einstein has said, everything already exists on a certain frequency. You must increase your frequency, vibration levels to meet the level of frequency where your desired outcomes exist.

I’m sure you have already heard of the above in one way or another. It just sometimes helps to look at the things from different perspective and discover new angles that can inspire to focus on your passion and true vision. And to get from the dreams to reality.

Coaching contributes to success mindset

I believe coaching is enabling individuals and teams to realise their fullest potential for success. That is my experience with coaching – both being coached myself and coaching my coaching clients.

My experience is that through focused coaching individuals or teams are empowered to make an impact for achieving great results that hugely inspires them for further success, collaboration and winning culture. I trust that finding your passion, focusing on what’s important to achieve your aspiration, makes a powerful impact in gaining the highest achievements.

I truly believe that having success mindset is one of the keys to empowering, inspiring and satisfying life. And coaching is a great opportunity to obtain, develop or strengthen your success mindset. You will be amazed what you can achieve having coaching sessions with a coach that empowers your confidence, facilitates you to define your goals and focus on achieving them.

And what do I do to contribute – I empower people to succeed. I do it through coaching people to develop their self awareness, build their leadership or personal brand, facilitating them to find their passion, focus on their goals and make an impact that is meaningful for them. That inspires me and empowers for further achievements. That adds fuel to my success mindset engine. So that I can drive my life roads with passion and inspiration to share it forward. Empower for success.

Top 7 key things that make your personal brand

When you have the clarity on the top 7 key things that makes your personal brand, then you can develop your brand to live your life truthfully under any circumstances that come. And you can also achieve tremendous results by focusing on what you love doing. The starting block or first stepping stone to develop your personal brand is getting to know yourself better, being thoughtful what do you stand for, what is important to you, what you care about and what you love doing.

And here I will share with you the top 7 key things that make your personal brand:

  1. Your Special Talents – your talents, your special traits that help to differentiate you from others and be great at what you do. You are great at what you do when you develop your talents and apply them in the job that you love doing. Therefore first step in building your brand is to identify your talents that you were born with and developed during your life. It is best to develop them in accordance to your values.
  2. Your Values. What you believe and truly value is highly important in your life and work. Your values are evident in the way you do things. Two people with similar talents but different values are likely to develop different careers. Knowing your values can help you to decide how to apply your talents and build a fulfilling career or business.
  3. Your Purpose is linked to what you love doing and do very well. Your purpose is what you are here for on this planet. You define that. Your purpose arises from your talents and values. The purpose is like a horizon – you are aiming to get there, but you will never reach it fully. Sense of purpose is a sense of direction. When your whole being seems to be in a resonanse with what you are doing, you are pursuing your purpose.
  4. Your Vision – when you are aware and have defined your purpose, create your vision to strive for. The vision is like a pathway that guides you in direction of realizing your purpose. It is a planned wise pathway that brings you to the future you have imagined.
  5. Your Mission determines how you are going towards your vision. Your mission describes how you want to live your life. And what you want to do. Once you are clear about your mission, your work will be more meaningful and satisfying.
  6. Your Behaviours – be thoughtful about what behaviours are you expressing to lead you towards your mission and purpose, achieving your goals. Think about what words are you choosing in your language to express your views and influence result. Your behaviours are like your personal brand advertisement messages, they tell people who you are and what value are you adding or can add.
  7. Your Authenticity. If you are true to your talents and values, you have clarity upon your vision and mission and express behaviours that enhances you, that makes you authentic. By being authentic you will naturally attract people – employers, customers and colleagues, who share some of your values and appreciate what you do best.

When you have thought through what makes your brand and what matters to you, when you have clarity of what are your talents, values, vision, purpose, mission, behaviours and how that all builds your authenticity, then it is the time. It is the time to focus on developing your brand in the direction that you want to develop it to achieve your goals. It is the time to position and communicate your brand via the channels and to the audiences that will appreciate your added value. It is the time to start enjoying the exciting opportunities that strong personal brand and relevant branding bring you.

Success Mindset

„Everything is in your head”, you might have heard people saying. It’s influenced by your mindset.

If you become ill, someone may say – all viruses and bacteria are already in your body anyway, it’s in your head – why you became ill. You have worked too hard and your body has become very week and required rest, hence you got ill. You got too angry at somebody and your body reacted with stomach pain… It all starts in your head.

If the team wins in a football match, people might say – they knew the competitors strengths and weaknesses, they had a great strategy, they were so confident in their play, that the competitor team lost it. It’s all in your head – knowledge, strategy… confidence starts in the head.

In the recent analysis of my coaching clients challenges discussed in the coaching sessions I have concluded, that top 3 areas of focus were – how to be more successful, how to be more happy and to be more confident. Whatever success, happiness or confidence means for them individually.

Who does not want to be happy, successful and confident – in their own way? I do. In the way that is meaningful for me. As everything starts in your head, with your mindset, I have been thoughtful on what are the most impactful factors that influences development of a success mindset. The Top 3 are: 1. Using Your Talents, 2. Clarity and Focus on Your Goals, 3. Happiness Discipline.

The first one is:

Use Your Talents

It is – knowing your talents, what you are great at, and applying them in what you love doing. That makes you to enjoy what you do, feel happy and success comes exceedingly.

“What if I don’t know what are my talents”, you might ask. How to discover them? There are several ways how to. Of my experience, most popular are the following three:

  • Ask feedback from your friends, family members, colleagues, clients – people, who know you well and have noticed, what you do well or better than others, what you are great at, what you stand out with.
  • Read a book that talks you through the process of finding and noticing your strengths and talents. One of a great books I have successfully used with my coaching clients is: „Strengths Finder”, by Tom Rath.
  • Get coaching sessions with the coach that will guide you through strength and talent discovery process and building the plan to work on them and integrate in your goals.

The second factor for success is: 

Clarity and Focus on Your Goals

Your goals shall be related to your talents and to what you want to achieve that would make you happy. That builds success. Not your mothers, fathers, partners or employers expectations, but your goals – what you want to achieve and what will make you happy.

We are so hugely influenced by society, media, consumerism, that sometimes we do not recognize – we are working towards the goals that actually are not our goals, but the goals of real estate company – to sell us idea of buying a house and having a huge mortgage for life, when we actually would like to travel the world and feel the freedom of no mortgages. The goal of a car retailer to sell us a particular vehicle, when we actually would like to ride a bike. Or the goals of employer to make you scared to lose the job that you actually do not like.

Take time to think and discover – what do you actually want from your life, what would make you happy. Write it down in your goals and work out the actions to focus on. Review them constantly and validate if they are still your goals and how achieving them will contribute to your success, happiness and confidence.

The third success factor is: 

Happiness Discipline

You can also call it „happiness habit”, but I like the „discipline”, as it makes you more organized. Develop a discipline to focus constantly on the things that make you happy, influencing the situation and outcomes to feel happy. Not complaining about the situation or things that you can not influence for change.

It does take the discipline to constantly focus on opportunities, success, great things, choose the language that uplifts your mood and spirit. Rather than getting sad and upset or even depressed about things that have gone wrong or might go wrong.

The research shows that people who focus on the positive things in life, live longer and are healthier. They feel more energized and empowered to succeed. And they succeed more frequently – that gives them confidence to build on.

Our mind is often playing games with us, suggesting to sleep-in longer rather than wake up and go to the gym, watch some plain TV show instead of spending valuable time and insightful conversations with our partner or children, spend time on reading the yellow press about the life of celebrities instead of being fully present in our life and making every moment count.

It is in your will to discipline your mind and teach it the discipline or habit of happiness. Like you teach your child the discipline of brushing their teeth at least twice daily.

In conclusion – everything starts in our head and it is your choice to develop a success mindset. Define your talents, have clarity and focus on your goals and develop a happiness discipline. I have tested it on myself, it works and delivers success. I have evidenced my coaching clients succeeding in becoming more happy, successful and confident by developing a success mindset. It’s your choice for action.