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Raise your profile to be the best you

I’m Inga Ezera, your personal brand development partner. I’m passionate about empowering people like you to be a better version of yourself and succeed by being your true you. Its all – through your personal brand development for clarity and personal branding strategies for raising your profile in front of your ideal audience.

How do you expect other people to know your greatness if you do not raise your profile? If you just keep it to yourself, you limit the opportunities for you and others. For you – to do more of what excites you and what you are truly passionate about, for others – to get inspired by your passion and benefit from you sharing your knowledge and expertise.

If you are either an entrepreneur, a business leader or a professional, raising your profile is a must now. It’s not so much for self promotion purposes, but rather for sharing your vision, purpose, knowledge and expertise, so that people get to know what you are truly great at and can come to you for your core expertise and passion to share it.

It is more for taking charge of and creating opportunities in your life to do more of what you are excited about and deliver value for others in a way that you love doing it.

If you are not clear about – what is your authentic way of delivering value, there is a really great self-help tool that I have created for you – The Success Planner book, you can order it on

If you do have clarity, but are on the edge of – not being sure why you need to raise your profile, here is why:

  • For entrepreneurs: you get more clients that are your ideal clients, that know, like, and trust you are the one they need and will find you themselves. You can focus on doing the job that you love, not on running after clients and selling your services to them.
  • For business leaders: you attract your ideal employees as people work for people they resonate with. It’s easier for you to work on business development as you are known in the industry for what and how you do things, and you can better impact and influence decision making for the business and your business stakeholders.
  • For professionals: you can stop doing the boring job and receive more opportunities to do the job that you are excited and passionate about, that has more meaning. We all live just once. If you are well paid now, but not really enjoying what you do, I’ll tell you this – you can get the same or better paid job that you truly enjoy. Just raise your profile in the right way to the right audience.

Here are my top tips for raising your profile:

1. Develop absolute clarity on your personal brand – your talents that you want to apply, your passion, values, your WOW effect, purpose, mission and vision for your life and then compile it into a short and snappy elevator pitch – into a short but impactful introduction, that conveys the message – of who you are, what you do and whom and how you can help. There is a best in you, you just need to be clear yourself – on what it is and bring it up. As an example, I can do many things in business, like I can recruit the best talent from the market, I can implement performance management programs etc, but what I truly and absolutely like best is – helping you to be the best version of yourself, be congruent and enjoy being truthful to yourself and others, raise your profile in accordance to that and enjoy what you do. I am great at inspiring you to think about it, empowering you to take action, equipping you with tools and strategies to do it and challenging you to, just do it!

2. For that, you need to define clearly who is your audience – your customer, employer, stakeholders – for whom exactly you are delivering value and what transformation you help them with. I advise you to be very specific about – who is it that you serve, help, deliver value, as then you can communicate and raise your profile where and in the way that they will see, notice and appreciate. As an example, my audience is people like you – entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals and corporates who care about their people and want to do something disruptive, innovative and truly empowering for their people.

3. Social media content strategy – you can raise your profile either in 1-to-1 communications, networking – by connecting to 5-10 people per event, or – you can massively raise your profile through  thoughtful and purposeful social media content strategy. Your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly communications, will ensure that your ideal audience will get to better know what you are all about, and how you can serve them and deliver value.  Also, what your values and work ethics are and what results you can deliver. As an example: I am  crystal clear on my top 3 messages for social media communication and I have a clearly defined social media content plan that is congruent with what I am aiming to achieve. You might have regularly seen my posts, videos, blogs and articles to inspire, and empower you to take action.

I hope this is helpful – inspirational, educational and practical. Now – its your time to take action.

Let me know if you have any questions and how you are progressing. I’d love to hear about your journey.

I’m Inga Ezera, your personal brand development partner. I’m passionate about empowering people like you to be a better version of yourself and succeed by being your true you. Follow my business page on Facebook for more inspiration and empowerment for practical action: Inga Ezera Personal Branding


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

”Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” is beautifully said by Coco Channel.

That’s how personal branding works – explore who you truly are, understand yourself – what makes you unique in this world in  how you are and how you add value. And share it forward. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Do it now, do not wait for the  perfect moment. There is no perfect moment. The best moment is now. Take the moment and make it perfect. Decide to be yourself, build your personal brand and enjoy inspiration by  adding value.

Are you willing to let your excuses stop you from succeeding?

Are you willing to let your excuses stop you from succeeding? Successful people keep moving. They sometimes make mistakes, but they do not quit. Your ability and dedication to move forward despite any challenges will make the difference. If its important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

Do you think Edison would have lit that bulb if he gave up after the first few hundred times? Every successful person experienced challenges and failures on their way to success. Keep moving forward, do not quit. Take the learning from the difficulties that you experience along the way and carry on. You can always find an excuse, but you can always find  inspiration too!

Get out of the office to innovate

Change your traditional surroundings if you want to focus and innovate. To achieve a different outcome, you need to have a different perspective, a different environment and inspiration.

I encourage you – to get out of your traditional office environment and  find a cosy buzzy place to bring your mindset a different perspective. Believe me – you will be amazed of the inspiration that arrives your way!

Revisit your aspirations and widen your horizons frequently

How often do you usually take time to revisit your success aspirations and widen your opportunity horizons? To start with, I recommend doing it at least once per quarter. And then – as frequently as you find it necessary. I will further share with you my five tips for constant revisitation.

  1. Create a habit of revisiting your aspirations to ensure you stay on track of your passion and inspiration. Widen your horizons frequently – you will feel absolutely taken by the opportunities that this process creates.
  2. Attend and be present in conferences, breakfast learning sessions, networking events to constantly stretch your mindset and widen your horizon. Build your network of people to connect with, learn and share the learning. It is much more fun doing it together! A few weeks ago I received loads of inspiration at the leadership conference in Riga, Latvia: I gave a presentation  on the Leadership Personal Brand theme and learned from many other presentations  and conference participants.
  3. Write your learnings in blog posts and share your learnings with others. In this way you will remember it better and people who will read your learnings will benefit from it as well. Sharing is learning together. When I write my blog posts about my  learnings, it  keeps generating new insights that I can  further share and apply.
  4. Follow up your conference contacts – you will be surprised of the extent of opportunities it will generate for you. Both for you to add value to your contacts and also to learn from them. Every event I have attended and followed up on my contacts and connections  has brought me new and exciting opportunities to do what I enjoy doing in life – which is to add value for people by helping them to build their personal brand to succeed.
  5. Every weekend reflect and pick your one key success of the week– what is one thing you are happy with on your achievement? And celebrate it – as a  way to acknowledge success. This starts to create the success mindset and attract more  success in your life. It  works like a snowball effect – the more you notice and acknowledge little victories, the more of them will come your way. Enjoy doing it, but do keep your humbleness with you at all times for balance.

A good tool to help you  revisit your aspirations and wider horizons frequently is here:

The Success Planner helps me constantly  stay focused and inspired and has been proven to massively add value for many others. Enjoy!

Leader, don’t motivate your people, it’s too difficult!

Motivation is something external to the person. It’s done to them. And it’s too difficult a job for you as a leader to constantly motivate your people. Inspire them instead. It’s much easier and enjoyable for you and more energizing for your people.

How to inspire instead of motivate? Here are the top 3 steps to inspire:

  1. Find out what are their talents and strengths
  2. Discover their highest values
  3. Help them to achieve their aspirations – their STARs

Talents and Strengths

The magic is knowing your people’s talents – knowing what they are great at and helping them to apply the things  they love doing. This  makes them enjoy what they do and feel happy about it. When people know and are confident about their key talents and apply them in what they do and want to achieve, it enhances their success opportunity extraordinarily. It  brings confidence, impact and focus to deliver with excellence.

Why would you as a leader in  business want to spend time and effort to motivate someone to do things  that they are not inspired about and will not feel passionate about doing? Instead give them the opportunity to do the job they are excited and inspired about. It takes less effort for you to place people in roles that they are inspired and talented to contribute and excel, rather than to keep motivating people to do a  job they dislike in a  culture they can not shine in.

Highest Values

If you are clear on what are your values and choose your job, role, relationships in accordance to them, you generate energy.

If among my strong values are independence and creativity, but I choose the job where I have to strictly follow the rules, like risk manager or underwriter, then I will not be happy about the content of my role as I will constantly have to do something that does not naturally resonate with my core being. The set of values that each individual has is unique to them.

Highest value – you are spontaneously inspired to do the job that resonates to your highest value. You get up and do it, You do not need a motivation to do it. Napoleon Hill called it, chief aim. It is a burning desire to fulfil. Doing the job that fulfils your highest value is one of the secrets to master your life. It’s intrinsic.

Lowest value – you need a motivation to do the job that is in congruence with your lowest values. You find it difficult  and de-energizing. You do not enjoy doing a job that relates to your lowest values. Therefore you need an external stimulus to motivate you to complete that job.

It is more difficult  than doing the job that you are naturally inspired by . And for leaders it takes much more effort, time and energy to motivate people to do the job that they do not feel naturally inspired to do. It is much more rewarding to inspire people to excel in their jobs that they enjoy doing and that are contributing to their highest values.

Inspiration is calling from within, building on intrinsic values and talents. Motivation is pushing from outside to do something that your person does not enjoy.

Help to reach their STARs

Nobody goes to work for the sake of the company. People go to work to  fulfil their highest values, aspirations, to reach their stars – whatever stars mean for each and every individual. If they see how their job, vision, mission of company helps to fulfil their highest value, they are inspired to contribute and to be effective to deliver. If not – they have low productivity and need to be constantly motivated. If their job fulfils their highest value, they can not wait to get to work each and every day and add value to the company. They feel ownership, responsibility, commitment. They are engaged and constantly improve their customer service to deliver upon their personal excellence.

Your wisdom as a leader is to place people in the right role that will help them to reach their stars and add massive value to the company. The role that they feel inspired about, so you do not need to put an extra effort to motivate them. Instead – inspire your people by giving them projects and opportunities that play to their strengths , talents and values.

Your wisdom is to fill  your day with high priority things where you add value. If you do not fill up your day with high priority actions that inspire you, it will be automatically filled with low value distractions projected by other people that are low according to their values.

Ask yourself on a daily basis what the highest priority actions I can do today that generates most income, inspiration etc. Rest – delegate to somebody else. How do you live an  inspired life if you keep doing desperate things? There is always somebody that matches the job you need to delegate. Make sure its congruent with their values, so you do not need to micromanage and motivate them. Inspire them instead!

Are you inspired or do you need motivation?

Are you living an inspired life or do you need to have motivation to get out of bed in the morning and go to work? If you are choosing your projects and job roles that allow you to work in accordance to your highest values, then you do not need motivation to go to work. You are excited to get out of bed in the morning and inspired to live a fulfilling life where you feel that you are contributing.

In this article I will share with you 3 steps that you can take to enhance your inspiration to live a fulfilled life.

As per Dr.John Demartini, the human behaviour and values expert – if you do not live in accordance to your values, you will have illnesses and constantly feel unhappy, as your mind protests against it through your body. If you are clear on what your values are  and  if you choose your job, your role, and your relationships in accordance to your values, you will generate energy. You are born to live a fulfilled life in accordance to your highest values. This set of values is unique to you. Whatever set of values you hold, dictates your destiny. Destiny is a destination of your life journey.

Highest value – you are spontaneously inspired to do things that are related to that. You get up and do it, you do not need motivation to do it. Napoleon Hill called it a chief aim. It is a burning desire to fulfil. This highest value is one of the secrets to mastering your life. It’s intrinsic. When the voice of the inside becomes louder, you start to master your life. Lowest value – need motivation to do things related to it.

Inspiration – calling from within, from the soul. Motivation – pushing from the outside to do it.

Wisdom is filling your day with high priority things. If you do not fill up your day with high priority actions that inspire you, it will be automatically filled with low value distractions projected by other people that are low according to their values. You make your choice and design your destiny.

Integrity – when we live to our highest values. Your brain is doing everything it can to help you maximize your living.

Selective biased attention – to the  things that are of the highest values of our life. If you set a goal and place the  attention that is in congruence with your highest value, you will have created the highest probability in achieving it. If you walk your talk, you increase your self worth, confidence and belief in yourself. Goals with the lowest values allow you to procrastinate and do not achieve. If your goal is in the highest value – you end up a leader in that space, if your goal is in your lowest value – you end up as a follower.

If you become deceased, its from not fulfilling your highest values. Modern medicine deals with symptoms not causes. Cause is related to your highest values. When you have more integrity to your highest values, you wake up your leader inside.

Let’ s be honest – nobody goes to work for the sake of  the company. They go to work to fulfil their highest value. If they see how their job, vision, mission of the company helps to fulfil their highest value, they are inspired and are effective. If not – they generate low productivity. If their job fulfils their highest value, they can not wait to get to work. You will see ownership, and engaged people who know the product and will serve customers with excellence.

You can find the tool that helps you to unlock your highest values in

Here is a practical 3 step exercise for you to help you enhance what you are doing and how it contributes to your highest values:

1.step Write down the list of your responsibilities and tasks. And now – for each of them write down how specifically each item of your job responsibility helps to fulfil your highest value. Do it 30x times.

It has nothing to do with your job, it has to do with the perception of your job. How specifically doing this action helps you to fulfil your mission. Master of destiny uses the outside to fulfil their mission. No matter what you have in your life, it’s on the way, not in the way. It helps you to progress.

2.step During the week, make a list of everything you do and how it helps you to fulfil your highest values. Do it until you feel engaged and excited. And you will see – the days fly. You do not want to break, you are engaged and eat to live, not live to eat. You do not need a stimulus to keep yourself going.

3.step Ask yourself on a daily basis what are the highest priority actions that I can do today that generates the most inspiration, energy, income etc.? For the rest of actions – delegate them to somebody else. How can you live an inspired life, if you keep doing desperate things? There is always somebody that matches the job you need to delegate. Make sure it’s congruent with their values, so you do not need to micromanage.

Every human being wants to be appreciated by who they are. Be mindful of who you are, what are your highest values and how you can best serve the world by living a fulfilled life.