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Take the moment and make it perfect

Success does not happen overnight. It just does not. Every professional was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So start now and dream big.
There is never a perfect moment. You need to take the moment and make it perfect. In your way perfect. And keep learning along the way.
In the moment when you stop learning, you stop progressing towards your success. Keep on the learning journey – learning from failures and learning from success is equally important.
Take the learning from every situation you have – good or bad. In good – you learn to appreciate, in bad – learn from mistakes and your pain and move forward.
Keep going. Keep progressing. Keep focusing. Success comes to those who are passionately persistent on the journey and enjoy it.

Shift Your Perception, Create Your Experience

5 reasons why you should attend a Toastmasters International Convention

Join the event, connect to the world! I joined a Toastmasters organization and network a couple of years ago. At that time I thought to myself – I am joining for enhancing my presentation skills, nothing else. Since then  I attended the 2015 International Toastmasters Convention in Las Vegas, and my perspective has absolutely shifted! As Tim Gard, the most Humorous and Motivational speaker I have ever seen, said at the event – “Shift your perception, create your experience”.

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend for you to attend an event like this:

1. Your perception will absolutely shift

This is an excellent opportunity to get to know world class professional speakers, to enjoy their breath taking and impactful presentations and to aspire to develop to the next level.

2. You will learn from the best – The World Championship

I knew that one can learn a lot from the uprising champions, but I didn’t expect to learn soooo much! This is absolutely a must have experience – listen to the semi-final and finalist contestant speeches and explore why the winner made it to the winner’s stage.

3. Networking and connecting with like-minded people across the globe

Over 2000 people at the event from all across the globe, the best speakers and networking professionals. And imagine – I just raised   my hand and introduced myself at the first timers meeting of 1000 people, shared where I am from and what is my passion and – unexpectedly  I  met another Latvian from California in the room! How often does this happen on the another side of the world! We are now developing future collaboration opportunities together.

4. Explore Toastmaster Career opportunities

Seeing how the district and regional leaders campaign, how they give their winning speech and get elected to lead this great organization forward is a stunning experience. It makes one thoughtful about your career progress, your impact to make and value to add in such an awesome organization and network that gives people great development opportunities and inspiration.

5. Have fun and party

Last but not least – The Opening Ceremony is an admirable one to attend.  You get to see all the representatives and country flags as well as the Presidents Inauguration Celebration party, it is a must see – I have not had so much fun and dancing for a long time. Imagine a well planned, organized and entertaining party of over 2000 inspiring and energizing people in the room! WOW!

Join the event, connect to the world! Next one is in Washington D.C. in 2016!

With full bucket of inspiration,


VP of Mentoring at Toastmasters

5 Key Lessons Learned in Social Media Marketing

The world is speedingly becoming digital. To stay on trend one needs to constantly catch up with the newest. Therefore, instead of just having a chilled easy Saturday, I attended a whole day Social Media Marketing class at Westminster Business School yesterday. It was a time worth spent. Here are 5 key lessons learned of many:

1. You need to be digital and social to have your brand out there

Inspiration, innovation, progress, customer engagement – keep up with the speed of the world’s digital development movements! Know your customers, current and target ones, and be there out with and for them. People live their lives with their digital devices now – the first thing someone does when waking up in the morning is checking their e-mails; what someone does while having their morning coffee – is reading thought provoking articles in LinkedIn; on the way to office what someone does is checking out what their friends are doing in Facebook; when leaving the retail shop at the lunch time what someone does is tweeting a comment on their customer experience in Twitter and Instagraming a picure of a newly bought item. Explore your customer behaviours, likes and needs in digital world to better add value and build your professional brand for them.

2. Goals, goals, goals… and be strategic

As in any other area in life, to stay focussed, be impactful and to not get losed in the huge world of digital, you define clearly your goals what you want to achieve in social media. You clarify the purpose – is it for your personal brand develpment, for your customer engagement, for your company brand and talent attraction or any other aspiration? When you are clear on your goals, purpose and your target audience, you can best choose social media platform where to be vocal, visual and adding value for your target audience. You can define your social media strategy in a more targeted and tailored way when you have clarity on your purpose and goals. Being strategic your will make a better impact.

3. Measure to make a better impact

I love KPI’s and analytics and being able to measure how my actions turn into tangible, measurable results! In digital marketing and social media you can measure any activity you do. Best and most insightful tool for digital insights is Google Analytics tool. You can measure almost everything there, even impact of the words you have said in your message and how changing one word makes an impact to the reach and conversion rate. You can measure how many people have received your message, have seen it, have liked it or commented, or found it valuable to share it forward. You can mesure what action your message has initiated and whether that leads to achieving your goals.

4. Devil is in the detail

Learn how to use social media platforms, what features they have and how to best apply them to make an impact. Learning how to better use hashtags in Twitter opens a door with opportunities to reach out to people with common interests or learn what others are sharing about themes you are interested in. Learning that people respond better to pictures or video’s can make your message more impactful. Learning how to improve your pictures with Instagram can make them more enjoyable for your target audience. Learning how to connect and reach out to people across the globe in Linkedin can open you new job, collaboration or business opportunities.

5. Keep learning

Social media and digital marketing technology and options are developing constantly. What was impossible yesterday, is a common feature today. What is new today, will be a history tomorrow. Digital world requires constant curiosity, exploration and focus on development. Learn from your friends, colleagues, from your children and their classmates. Learn from people who are different from you and have different habbits, as they will definitely know something that you may not have discovered yet. Keep learning to be successful!

The Social Media Marketing lesson yesterday has definitely encouraged me to revisit my social media knowledge and strategy. It has generated thoughtfulness for being on track of the digital developments and being out there to add value.