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Shift Your Perception, Create Your Experience

5 reasons why you should attend a Toastmasters International Convention

Join the event, connect to the world! I joined a Toastmasters organization and network a couple of years ago. At that time I thought to myself – I am joining for enhancing my presentation skills, nothing else. Since then  I attended the 2015 International Toastmasters Convention in Las Vegas, and my perspective has absolutely shifted! As Tim Gard, the most Humorous and Motivational speaker I have ever seen, said at the event – “Shift your perception, create your experience”.

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend for you to attend an event like this:

1. Your perception will absolutely shift

This is an excellent opportunity to get to know world class professional speakers, to enjoy their breath taking and impactful presentations and to aspire to develop to the next level.

2. You will learn from the best – The World Championship

I knew that one can learn a lot from the uprising champions, but I didn’t expect to learn soooo much! This is absolutely a must have experience – listen to the semi-final and finalist contestant speeches and explore why the winner made it to the winner’s stage.

3. Networking and connecting with like-minded people across the globe

Over 2000 people at the event from all across the globe, the best speakers and networking professionals. And imagine – I just raised   my hand and introduced myself at the first timers meeting of 1000 people, shared where I am from and what is my passion and – unexpectedly  I  met another Latvian from California in the room! How often does this happen on the another side of the world! We are now developing future collaboration opportunities together.

4. Explore Toastmaster Career opportunities

Seeing how the district and regional leaders campaign, how they give their winning speech and get elected to lead this great organization forward is a stunning experience. It makes one thoughtful about your career progress, your impact to make and value to add in such an awesome organization and network that gives people great development opportunities and inspiration.

5. Have fun and party

Last but not least – The Opening Ceremony is an admirable one to attend.  You get to see all the representatives and country flags as well as the Presidents Inauguration Celebration party, it is a must see – I have not had so much fun and dancing for a long time. Imagine a well planned, organized and entertaining party of over 2000 inspiring and energizing people in the room! WOW!

Join the event, connect to the world! Next one is in Washington D.C. in 2016!

With full bucket of inspiration,


VP of Mentoring at Toastmasters


5 Insights How To Get From Dreams To Reality

In a sunny Saturday morning instead of sleeping in or going for Christmas shopping, I decided to attend a developmental event, the seminar on shaping the mindset to focus on what matters in your life and how to more efficiently achieve the desired outcomes. The title of the seminar was a little bit over promising: “The 7 Keys To Unleashing Your Genius”, but as in an any seminar, there were some valuable takeaway insights that I want to share with you. They are facilitating to shape the mindset on how to get from dreams to successful and real outcomes. Here are my 5 key insights:

1. Tension is energy. We need to use the tension to get to the desired results. Geniuses use tension to achieve the incredible. The outcome depends on your motivation and how do you channel it to use the tension. Use it to apply your talents and to live your passion! We are where we are today because that is the level of tension we can deal with. Your ability to be with tension determines your level of mastery. Tension is energy, and energy is a vibration. To be the best you can be, you shall constantly work on increasing your energy levels, your vibration.

2. Cause and Effect law. You are 100% responsible for every outcome in your life. Or in another words said by Tony Robbins: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Even if you are a victim in certain situation or you constantly get the second best recognition, not the first – that is caused by your thoughts, assumptions, beliefs that you have created in different events of your life journey. If you want to have a different outcome, you have to change the cause of your outcomes – your thoughts, assumptions, believes. A good coach can help with that.

3. Your focus creates your reality. You are always 100% focused, but the question is – on what? A person will definitely achieve what he or she is focused on, it will happen sooner or later – depending of the strength of focus and cause/effect law. That is proven. Therefore be conscious what you are focusing on most of your time. Are they the right things that you want the result in? Do you need to remind yourself to change your focus? How do you choose where to focus on?

4. Perception creates the physical impact. When you meet a person first time, your perception about them creates your behaviour towards them that causes their reaction to your perception and behaviour. We did a little exercise in the room – imagining the person in front of us being either a good, bad, trustworthy, genius, loser, friendly, smart etc person. Every time when we changed the perception of the other person, our body language changed and the impact on the other person changed as well. The good news are – you can influence that by conscious choice of perception. You are creating perception in your life and you make decisions based on your created perception. You can influence your perception that will lead to desired events or outcomes.

5. Discover your True Talents and create natural success by focusing on your True Vision. When you follow your purpose, what’ s true vision for you, the doors will open for opportunities and even such doors will open that you did not know that they exist. If you do not know what to do, just stand it, do not take action until your intuition will tell you which way to go. Intuition can tell it, when you have discovered your true talents that you can use and you have your true vision to focus on. Then intuition will help to generate natural success for you. All what you want to achieve or get is already out there for you. As A. Einstein has said, everything already exists on a certain frequency. You must increase your frequency, vibration levels to meet the level of frequency where your desired outcomes exist.

I’m sure you have already heard of the above in one way or another. It just sometimes helps to look at the things from different perspective and discover new angles that can inspire to focus on your passion and true vision. And to get from the dreams to reality.