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3-Step Success Mindset Technique For Your Dream Career Destination

There are two types of people on the journey of following their dreams: people who talk about following their dream and people who take action towards it. Be the one that takes action!

Here is a good method to follow the 3-Step Success Mindset technique to reach your dream career or business destination:

Step 1. – Pay attention

Pay attention to what you truly want to achieve. And why you are doing this. What is your WHY to follow your dream. What is your vision and mission along the way. Is your dream, for  example, to develop an organic cosmetics business with a vision to inspire people to live more healthy lives and get educated on  how much better organic cosmetics are versus chemicals that creates a number of dangerous illnesses? Or is your dream to develop your own pillow production company with a vision to ensure everyone who suffers from backpain gets the right pillow that allows them to sleep well, wake up well rested to have a fulfilling day? Or is your dream to get promoted to Customer Service Manager to ensure customers get the highest level of service to build trust and loyalty? If your vision is not big enough, you will not be able to get to Step 2 – get excited.

Step 2. – Get excited

Get really excited about your dream and how following your dream inspires you and people around you. Feel the excitement and energy shining out of you. Feel the outcomes that you will have by following your dream. How much more energized, empowered, and inspired  are you when you do it. See it, smell it, feel it – how absolutely fantastic it is when you follow your dream.

Step 3. – Never quit

If you are on the path to follow your dream, if you have made that decision and committed to it – never, ever quit. There will be walls of obstacles in  your way, that is for sure. But remember why these walls of obstacles are there – for you to figure out how to overcome them and learn new ways of doing things, communicating with people, getting things done, achieving your dreams. You do not want to quit just 5 meters before reaching the finish line, do you? Keep running. Keep being dedicated. Keep your commitment. Never quit.


Sometimes to win, you only need to take action, because others don’t

If  man  can  land on the moon, there is not much you can not do once you have made your mind up and moved from talking about it to actually doing it. Taking action is a strong step towards your success.

So many people just talk and do not take action. Be the one who takes action. Sometimes to win, you only need to take action, because others don’t. And  you know – what?: There are no traffic jams along the extra mile 😉

Take the moment and make it perfect

Success does not happen overnight. It just does not. Every professional was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So start now and dream big.
There is never a perfect moment. You need to take the moment and make it perfect. In your way perfect. And keep learning along the way.
In the moment when you stop learning, you stop progressing towards your success. Keep on the learning journey – learning from failures and learning from success is equally important.
Take the learning from every situation you have – good or bad. In good – you learn to appreciate, in bad – learn from mistakes and your pain and move forward.
Keep going. Keep progressing. Keep focusing. Success comes to those who are passionately persistent on the journey and enjoy it.

Are you willing to let your excuses stop you from succeeding?

Are you willing to let your excuses stop you from succeeding? Successful people keep moving. They sometimes make mistakes, but they do not quit. Your ability and dedication to move forward despite any challenges will make the difference. If its important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

Do you think Edison would have lit that bulb if he gave up after the first few hundred times? Every successful person experienced challenges and failures on their way to success. Keep moving forward, do not quit. Take the learning from the difficulties that you experience along the way and carry on. You can always find an excuse, but you can always find  inspiration too!

Revisit your aspirations and widen your horizons frequently

How often do you usually take time to revisit your success aspirations and widen your opportunity horizons? To start with, I recommend doing it at least once per quarter. And then – as frequently as you find it necessary. I will further share with you my five tips for constant revisitation.

  1. Create a habit of revisiting your aspirations to ensure you stay on track of your passion and inspiration. Widen your horizons frequently – you will feel absolutely taken by the opportunities that this process creates.
  2. Attend and be present in conferences, breakfast learning sessions, networking events to constantly stretch your mindset and widen your horizon. Build your network of people to connect with, learn and share the learning. It is much more fun doing it together! A few weeks ago I received loads of inspiration at the leadership conference in Riga, Latvia: I gave a presentation  on the Leadership Personal Brand theme and learned from many other presentations  and conference participants.
  3. Write your learnings in blog posts and share your learnings with others. In this way you will remember it better and people who will read your learnings will benefit from it as well. Sharing is learning together. When I write my blog posts about my  learnings, it  keeps generating new insights that I can  further share and apply.
  4. Follow up your conference contacts – you will be surprised of the extent of opportunities it will generate for you. Both for you to add value to your contacts and also to learn from them. Every event I have attended and followed up on my contacts and connections  has brought me new and exciting opportunities to do what I enjoy doing in life – which is to add value for people by helping them to build their personal brand to succeed.
  5. Every weekend reflect and pick your one key success of the week– what is one thing you are happy with on your achievement? And celebrate it – as a  way to acknowledge success. This starts to create the success mindset and attract more  success in your life. It  works like a snowball effect – the more you notice and acknowledge little victories, the more of them will come your way. Enjoy doing it, but do keep your humbleness with you at all times for balance.

A good tool to help you  revisit your aspirations and wider horizons frequently is here:

The Success Planner helps me constantly  stay focused and inspired and has been proven to massively add value for many others. Enjoy!